Background and aim

Innovair is Sweden’s national strategic innovation programme for aeronautics. The aim is to coordinate and support stakeholders from industry, universities, institutes, associations and government agencies who are active in the aeronautics sector. The main objective is to promote favorable conditions for a strong aeronautics industry in Sweden and to strengthen this sector through increased collaboration, research and information dissemination.

Innovair has both short- and long-term goals for the environment, for growth, and for innovation. By investing in demonstrator programmes, production arenas, research networks, and the coordinating forum Innovai all stakeholders will interact in order to strengthen the international position.

Swedish aeronautics is internationally recognized and contributes beside exports also with high capacity for innovation, high-tech jobs, community services, and technology transfer to other sectors. Another main objective is to contribute to Swedish defence and security capabilities. International competition is increasing and strategic initiatives in selected areas is necessary to preserve and strengthen the conditions for the aeronautics sector in Sweden.

The goal of the Strategic Innovation Programme Aeronautics is a long-term increase of sales for the Swedish aeronautics industry with 100 percent from today’s 20 billion SEK, with an increase in the share of exports from 70% to 90%. At the same time Swedish aeronautics research should contribute to EU environmental objectives according to the ACARE vision for 2050. The value of Sweden’s participation in international aeronautics collaborations should be doubled compared to the current value and small and medium-sized enterprises turnover in aeronautics should increase fivefold compared to today’s 500 million SEK annually. The Swedish aeronautics sector should also participate in the development and production of future manned/unmanned air combat systems and/or flying ISR systems with aim to supplying at least 10-20% of the overall air system value.

To achieve these goals by 2050, a series of joint research and innovation agendas, NRA Flyg 2010NRIA Flyg 2013 and NRIA Flyg 2016, have been developed by Swedish aeronautics stakeholders including industries, SMEs, universities, institutes, industry associations and government agencies. The agenda series, with an updated agenda every three years, also includes targets set for 2020 and 2035 and specified measures to achieve these goals are described.