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National aeronautics innovation

The National Aeronautics Research Programme (NFFP) is a financing programme for aeronautical research aiming at developing national research resources within industry, institutes, and universities and at coordinating these resources. The programme covers aeronautical research that is of interest for both civil and military purposes.

NFFP is an important part of national aeronautical research with the aim to strengthen the competitiveness of Swedish industry. The programme should also increase Sweden’s ability to actively participate in and benefit from international research and technological collaboration.

NFFP started in 1994 and is now in its seventh stage, NFFP7 (2017–2022).

NFFP is governed by a decision-making body appointed by the Swedish Government. This is made up of one member and one deputy member from each of the participating companies and from the Swedish Armed Forces, Vinnova, and the Defence Materiel Administration (FMV). Vinnova acts as the administrative office of this body and implements the decisions it makes.

The cooperation between government and industry, facilitated by NFFP, is now well established and is a successful way of strengthening the Swedish aeronautics industry through needs-driven research. NFFP has in a number of evaluations proved to be a very successful programme with high accomplishment and relevance.

NFFP is an important link in the national collaboration in aeronautics research. Within the agreed framework NFFP has built up a broad and strong research at Swedish universities, colleges and institutes, which has been an important base for their ability to participate in both Swedish and European research programmes.