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Swedish Aeronautical Research Center (SARC)

SARC is an initiative by Innovair to structure and further improve the academic system in aeronautics and its relations to the other actors in the innovation system. Initial funding to establish the centre and for the actors to organize its activities is provided through Innovair.

SARC is hosted by and formally established at Linköping University but it is a national centre open for all interested academic actors. All the university departments that receive funds through calls from NFFP7 (National Aviation Research Program) will be associated to the center. SARC is a way to guarantee long term supply of skilled work force within prioritized technical fields of relevance for aeronautics.

The SARC vision is:
To be the leading Network of Aeronautics researchers in Sweden, fostering collaboration among researchers and graduate students, influencing aeronautics policy and facilitate funding for basic aeronautics research.

SARC goals are:

  • Facilitating cooperation between researchers in aeronautics in the country through activities such as graduate schools, annual conferences and workshops,
  • Being a forum for researchers and doctoral students in NFFP7 from both academia and industry and conducting meetings to create a positive development of aeronautical research and in the long run result in more and better cooperation in aeronautics technology in Sweden,
  • Jointly act as a strong player internationally, positioning SARC with regard to, for example, the EU Framework Program,
  • Being a strong player towards priority countries for aeronautical research cooperation such as Brazil, Great Britain and Germany and, in the long run, France and the United States,
  • Facilitate discussion on ensuring competence in the aeronautics sector, including strategic aspects of education.

The SARC kick-off event took place in Linköping on June 18-19, 2018.