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National aeronautics innovation
– Triple use

Swedish aeronautics research has long focused on dual use, which means research and demonstration focused on meeting the needs of both civil and military aircraft development.

If companies and academia will be better able to spread research results to other industries we can talk about triple use, which strengthens the Swedish industry at all levels. Examples of triple use were outlined already in NRA Flyg 2010(pages 23–24).

The research arenas that are established within the framework of Innovair mean great opportunities for increased collaboration between technology areas and with other strategic innovation programmes. Companies from different industries are developing, together with universities and institutes, a technology platform that can be used to develop products and services for their respective industries. The gain is that common technologies can be developed at a lower cost than if they would be developed without collaboration. This creates a synergy within Swedish research, which will increase the competitiveness for participation in the thematic areas within European research programmes.

A pilot project within the composite area has been performed over the past years to build experience on cooperation between technology areas: Fast and cost-effective production of High Performance Composites (Triple Use).

The project has been performed cross-industry with Volvo Cars, Saab, GKN Aerospace, KTH, Swerea SICOMP and Compraser as project partners. 

This project is linked to the strategic innovation programme LIGHTer.