Our most important progress

Innovair continuously works for the development of the Swedish innovation climate and for increased Swedish competitiveness – primarily within the field of aerospace technology, but also in a wider sense benefitting all sorts of innovation. Here is a list of what we have achieved so far.

  • An education of technological cluster leaders has been initiated at the major industries. This will synchronise activities and is of fundamental significance for the cooperation between players. Read more here.
  • An MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) has been signed between two Swedish regions and the EU programme Clean Sky, which is a unique opportunity in Sweden and of great importance for Swedish innovation and competitiveness.
  • Aerospace Cluster Sweden, originally from Linköping, has expanded to a national cluster for the development of aerospace SMEs. Today there are nodes in Region Östergötland, Västra Götalandsregionen and Kiruna.
  • Innovair has produced a common regional, national, bilateral and multinational research-and-innovation agenda for both civil and military aerospace technology: NRIA Flyg. Read more here.
  • A special SME effort has been made through a strategic venture within the National Aeronautics Research Programme NFFP.
  • Two production arenas for advanced composites in Linköping and advanced metals and production methods in Trollhättan have been established. Read more here.
  • Financing for activities at these production arenas from the European regional development funds  has been enabled via the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth.
  • A high-level group at state-secretary level for aerospace-related collaboration with Brazil has been established. Sweden is represented by state secretaries from the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, the Ministry of Defence and the Foreign Office are involved, and Brazil is represented by delegates from five ministries. In addition, there are national representatives from industry, defence/air force, authorities (Vinnova, FM, FMV) and Innovair.
  • Technological cooperation with Brazil has been established via a professorial chair at the leading aerospace university ITA in Brazil, where a selection of Swedish professors spend prolonged periods. Collaboration is also executed through mutual programmes within the international parts of NFFP.
  • Collaboration with the UK via Aerospace Technology Institute, and Germany via Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie, has been established. Industrial visits have been made from both countries and a number of pilot projects have been initiated. Explicit MoUs and collaboration via mutual calls with both countries are in progress.
  • The Swedish Aeronautics Research Centre SARC has been established with headquarters in Linköping. The centre is open for all Swedish connected to the field of aerospace. Leadership will be rotated between leading professors at different Swedish universities. Read more here.
  • There is collaboration with representatives for the Swedish Transport Administration’s research portfolio for aerospace development. Through mutual dialogue, double financing can be avoided and results can be jointly forwarded.
  • There is collaboration with other strategic innovation programmes; directly via common activities, and also via ventures within the Government’s strategic cooperation programmes.