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Our most important progress

Innovair continuously works for the development of the Swedish innovation climate and for increased Swedish competitiveness – primarily within the field of aerospace technology, but also in a wider sense benefitting all sorts of innovation. Here is a list of what we have achieved so far.

  • Prioritised technologies and clusters Swedish innovation actors within aeronautics have agreed on prioritised technologies and have formed clusters to drive the areas forward.
  • Funding programmes The research and demonstrator programmes are continuously developed.
  • SARC SARC has been formed to connect the academic actors in the aeronautical area.
  • Two arenas Two production arenas have been created and refined.
  • Triple/multi use Triple use- and multi use concepts have been realized in specific projects.
  • SME Aeronautics SME Aeronautics has been formed and provides open calls for development of SMEs in sync with SIP Lightweight.
  • Regional agreements Two Swedish regions have signed agreements with Clean Sky which bring together Clean Sky funds with regional developments funds from EU’s structural funds via the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket).
  • ACS with three nodes ACS has expanded to a national network with three nodes.
  • NRIA Flyg NRIA Flyg serves as a common strategy for both civil and military aeronautical innovation.
  • Coherent innovation system There is a consensus and collaboration (within the Triple Helix including the Swedish Armed Forces and its support authorities, and, for example, with other Strategic Innovations Programmes, from local to global level) which give a complete coherent innovation system.
  • Conditions for international collaboration Sweden has created enhanced national opportunities for international collaboration and influence throughout the whole innovation system, not least strategically within the EU.
  • Intense bilateral collaboration Sweden has created bilateral strategic innovation collaboration with three selected countries.

Read more in NRIA Flyg 2020.

In addition, collaboration with representatives of the Swedish Transport Administration’s research portfolio for air-transport development takes place. Joint dialogue avoids double funding and results can be jointly taken further. Collaboration with other strategic innovation programmes also takes place; partly directly through joint activities and partly through initiatives within the government’s cooperation programme.