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National aeronautics stakeholders
– SMEs

SMEs are an important resource in Sweden for the realisation of new technology and innovations. Despite the significant niche skills of many SMEs that have the potential to de­velop at the forefront of their sectors, these companies are presently relatively unin­volved in development. This is due to a number of factors: poor knowledge of business opportunities and support structures, the requirement that they also invest, and low economic resilience. The knowledge of different aspects of collaboration that are in demand must therefore be improved and contact with the large aeronautics industries must be established.

SMEs need to take a stronger posi­tion within the Swedish aeronautics sector because the development of highly specialised SMEs creates a network of suppliers which in turn leads to increased competition for companies in the aeronautics sector. This ability to use and utilise the knowledge and skills developed and used by others is an increasingly important competitive factor for large companies. SMEs therefore must have the opportunity to participate on their own terms and at a level that the company can handle.

SMEs who work with aeronautics companies also benefit from a num­ber of advantages:

  • opportunities to participate in demonstrator projects with new technology, which means that they develop and are approved as suppliers to the aeronautics industry, with its particular quality require­ments;
  • the opportunity to verify their technology and thereby create a business position in future pro­ducts;
  • the opportunity to benefit from the exchange of technology and skills;
  • a good understanding of the product and quality standards stipulated by the large companies.

These advantages and abilities can be used by SMEs to create busi­ness and to help them grow as they become suppliers to both Swedish and foreign companies, either in the aeronautics sector or in other techno­logy areas. Therefore, both large companies and SMEs must secure their places as partners and subcontractors in future international collaboration programmes. In order to achieve this, specialised SMEs must have a clear support structure and good opportunities to develop and verify their technologies.

Swedish SMEs with aerospace connection


Arcam is an SME located in Mölndal (Gothenburg) that provides additive manufacturing solutions for production of metal components.

Artech Automation (part of ÅF)

Artech Automation is based in Laxå and designs robot-based automation solutions for most processes and applications. Within the framework of the GF Demo 1 project Artech tested and evaluated a force sensor to compensate for the drift and shift of position that occurs when a standard robot is subjected to a reverse pressure force. In the GF Demo 2 project Artech provides expertise in robotics and is responsible for the development and demonstration of hardware.

AH Automation

AH Automation delivers cost efficient robot systems, based on well-tested industrial robot systems., We have extensive knowledge within mechanical assembly, material handling, packaging and palletizing

Alpha Robotics

Alpha Robotics is a Stockholm based SME that has developed a 3D cross laser prototype that is installed directly into a robot or machine tool and through its own software transfers data expressed as axis positioning of the machine.


One speciality for this company is manufacturing of precision components in small batches.


Biteam is an internationally recognised 3D-weaving pioneer and specialist manufacturer of woven profiled materials. All 3D woven profiled products are designed and manufactured employing its patented 3D-weaving technologies in close co-operation with the customers.

Brogren Industries

Brogren Industries focus is on machining and laser welding. Brogren Industries delivers machined and welded components for various uses in the aerospace industry.


CarboComp was established in 1996 and offers high-quality carbon composite solutions for any type of application; from industrial to recreational, long series production to rapid, one-off prototyping.

Compraser Labs (see also under Arenas)

Compraser Labs is the national center (arena) for innovative solutions in composite based products. More under heading Arenas.


Corebon develops and sells products, processing technique engineering, and technical services in the field of fiber-reinforced plastic. The company has invented and patented a super-fast manufacturing process for carbon fiber composite that results in a new, higher standard for composite materials, lower cost and minimal environmental impact.

Creo Dynamics

Creo Dynamics is an engineering SME, based in Linköping, Sweden. Focus areas are acoustics, aerodynamics, structural dynamics and condition monitoring.


CybAero develops and manufactures remote-controlled unmanned helicopter systems.


ElitKomposit is a small innovative company in advanced composite manufacturing with the business idea to develop and support customers in need of rational-produced high-performance composite products.


Envirotainer provides active temperature-controlled containers for air cargo on a rent-it-when-you-need-it-basis, in an open-platform global network. The secret behind our success is our active temperature-controlled containers. The containers are made in composites.


Exova METECH is an international full-service supplier in metrology providing metrological support and accredited calibration services.


FlexProp is based in Halmstad Sweden. The company focus is on lightweight production for the automotive and aerospace industries.

HB Mekaniska

The company focus is on cutting, milling and lathing for customers with high demands and needs of advanced components with tight tolerances.

Hydroforming Design Light

Hydroforming Design Light is a company situated in Vansbro, Sweden. The focus is to offer customers optimal forming solutions in sheet and tube articles. HDL has good knowhow in hydroforming, deep drawing, pressing and punching.

ITE Fabriks

ITE Fabriks is a complete supplier with long experience of simple and complex sheet metal components with high demands on quality, delivery and flexibility.

Jobro – Sheet Metal Technology

Jobro is a small, dynamic engineering company specializing in complex sheet metal components, which offers comprehensive solutions under one roof in the form of simulation, concept development and manufacturing.

Inxide AB

Inxide is a full service supplier of advanced composite solutions. Inxide derives from composite development and research at EPFL, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, in Switzerland. This work has resulted in a number of patents and the establishment of Inxide in 2012.

Marströms Composites

Marstrom Composite is a contract manufacturer with in-house design and stress calculation resources that serve you in the entire process from concept through development and prototyping to series production in small and large series. Company autoclaves are big, up to 35 m length.  High strength carbon fiber structures processed in autoclaves is our solution.

Midnight Composites

Midnight Composites delivers products and services in the field of advanced fiber composites, whose properties are characterized by low weight and high stiffness and strength.


Mobitron is located in Huskvarna, Sweden and is a leading supplier of wireless data loggers with inbuilt sensors.

Nexam Chemical

Nexam Chemical develops technology and products that make it possible to significantly improve the properties and performance of most types of plastics in a cost-effective manner and with retained production technology. The improved properties include temperature resistance and service life

Nordic Aircraft

Nordic Aircraft carries out assignments in the areas of advanced composite structures and aerodynamics mainly for the aerospace sector.


Novator is a high-tech engineering company, specialized in production processes such as Orbital Drilling™.


Oxeon have established itself as one of the market leading companies within tape weaving technologies and tape woven materials.  Oxeon produces, develops and sells materials towards the composites industry under the brand name “TeXtreme®, mainly using carbon fiber.

Permanova Lasersystem

Permanova Lasersystem offers laser materials processing production equipment to sheet metal using manufacturing industries. The core consists of robotized laser systems, increasing productivity, product quality and profitability.

Produktionstekniskt centrum (PTC) (see also under Arenas)

PTC is the national center (arena) for innovative production solutions for metal-based aerospace products.

SFSA Holding

International consultant for airlines, airports and related industries. SFSA Holding delivers customized business solutions to the aviation industry and related industries.


Speed Tool manufactures advanced tools but also performs contract manufacturing of advanced components in difficult materials, hardened steel, stainless steel, titanium, inconel, etc.

Termisk Systemteknik (TST)

TST is an SME specialized in thermal imaging technology and analysis of thermal images. TST builds niche systems for special industrial needs, conducts studies and research and development projects, as well as distributes advanced infrared cameras.


Termospect provides assignments and consultancy in the field of technical testing and analysis. The main focus is thermography for flaw detection.


Tooltec works with the processing of advanced components. A special competence is EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) for high-temperature material.

Trestad Laser

Trestad Laser is specialized in production of heat resistant parts by using various laser techniques such as laser welding and 2D- and 3D laser cutting.