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National aeronautics innovation
– SME Aeronautics

SME Aeronautics is a special activity within the NFFP Programme. The objective is to strengthen the aeronautics industry’s competitiveness by using the competence of highly specialised SMEs and thereby to increase the number of SMEs approved as suppliers to the larger industries.

The activity is currently run through the production arenas Produktionstekniskt centrum in Trollhättan and Compraser Labs in Linköping, who will develop and implement a common approach to increase SME participation in the aerospace industry’s R&D programs. The intention is to simplify the interaction between SMEs and the aerospace industry in the development and demonstration of new technologies.

Contact persons

  • Bengt Wälivaara, Compraser Labs (composite technology),
  • Marie Jonsson, Compraser Labs (composite technology),
  • Cecilia Ramberg, Produktionstekniskt centrum (metal technology),
  • Mats Werke, Produktionstekniskt centrum (metal technology),