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National aeronautics innovation
– Demonstrator programmes

What is a demonstrator?

A demonstrator is a platform for testing and validating the intended characteristics of an emerging technology. The demonstrator can be seen as the step between research and product development, in which the technology’s potential for commercial production is to be demonstrated.

The platform might consist existing and new technology to a varying ratio, and the validation is done through simulation; the main issue is that the desired functionality of the emerging technology can be confirmed.

With the support of the program­mes NFFP, FLUD, and GF Demo (see below), stakeholders in Sweden have increased their share of partici­pation in international civilian collaborations. These programmes have been critical for Sweden to keep its global position within ae­ronautics manufacturing.

Demonstrate to create technology advantage

The research we are doing today will result in innovation. Therefore, it must feature in the products of the future. We must identify potential opportunities in the market for Sweden now.

In the future, development within aerospace will continue to take place as part of international collaborations, in which national participants will compete for contracts to produce subsystems. Sweden must gain a foothold in this competition. An essential step on the road to ensuring that aerospace technology and innovation in Sweden is in demand is that we focus on our strengths and that within these we package up developed technologies into appropriate demonstrators.

It is through these demonstrators that Sweden can realise its ambitions of gaining a foothold in future aerospace systems, thus gaining business, generating export incomes, and creating jobs.

Suggested investment in five demonstrators

NRIA Flyg 2013 suggests an investment in five demonstrators — two new and three that have already commenced — that will collectively help us meet our objectives and thereby renew Swedish areas of strength and give us the right conditions to rise to interna­tional importance with an expanded product portfolio.

  1. Complete aircraft capability and concept studies
  2. Integrated Propulsion
  3. Propulsion — fan module
  4. Integrated structures – wing
  5. Air-traffic management – integrated concept

The demonstra­tors are prioritised based on current knowledge and readiness levels. They combine civilian and military needs and benefits, and can be assembled in future demonstrator concepts, at different levels of readiness. As part of this work, it is important to coordi­nate and understand the synergies between organisations in their own technological areas and between aero­space and other fields. We have identified the appropriate collaborative partners for each proposed demonstrator.

Read more about the five suggested demonstrators in NRIA Flyg 2013. Download the agenda here (English PDF)or here (Swedish PDF).

Ongoing and performed civil demonstrator programmes

FLUD – Flygtekniskt utvecklings- & demonstrationsprogram

With support from Vinnova, the demonstrator program FLUD (Aeronautical Development & Demonstration Program) was conducted from 2006 to 2010. The program consisted of two major projects:

  • Saab Demonstration Green Aircraft Systems
  • Swedish demonstrator for environmentally friendly aircraft engine (Volvo Aero)

The FLUD program was evaluated in this 2010, see the evaluation report here.As a continuation, the GF Demo programme was initiated in 2012.

GF Demo – Grönt flygtekniskt demonstrationsprogram

The Green aviation technology demonstration programme (GF Demo) intends to strengthen the Swedish aerospace industry’s international competitiveness. This is done by supporting the sensitive demonstration phase, where prospective research ideas and technologies can be tested and validated.

The GF Demo programme will contribute to make demonstrated green technology faster introduced in future civil aircraft and its associated systems, such as lightweight technology, power-optimized systems or new features in the traffic management systems. The programme will also support and enable strong Swedish participation in international civil demonstration programme, like Clean Sky and SESAR. The GF Demo programme will also help the larger companies to attract and involve SMEs in these projects but also further into the international demonstration programmes.

A summary presentation of GF Demo is linked here.

The programme is a continuation of the Flygtekniskt utvecklings- och demonstrationsprogram (FLUD).

SWE Demo

This demonstrator programme finances activities strengthening Swedish stakeholders’ participation in international demonstrator programmes within the aerospace area.

The call (2015) can be read here.

Short project descriptions for the two granted projects can be found here: