National aeronautics innovation
– Competence clustering

Within the framework of NFFP, work has been initiated to establish competence clusters in different technologies and related to Saab’s and GKN’s R&D activities. The goal is to further develop the cluster activities as a natural tool in NFFP/Innovair to foster participation in international aeronautics research by cooperation between industry, SMEs, universities and institutes.

The following competence clusters have been identified:

Clusters within Saab

Clusters within GKN

  • Propulsion Systems/Motorsystem
    Cluster leader: Anders Lundbladh,
  • Turbomachinery/Turbomaskiner
    Cluster leader: Hans Mårtensson,
  • Lifing methods/Livslängd
    Cluster leader: Tomas Månsson,
  • Value-driven development/Värdedriven utveckling
    Cluster leader: Johan Lööf,
  • Metallic materials/Materialteknik (metalliska)
    Cluster leader: Geraldine Puyoo,
  • Manufacturing systems & processes/Produktionssystemutveckling
    Cluster leader: Anders Rosell (tf),
  • Composite materials/Kompositer i flygmotorer
    Cluster leader: Spyros Tsampas,