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NRA Flyg 2010

Download the agenda here (Swedish PDF).

NRA Flight 2010 is the first incarnation of the Swedish aerospace research-and-innovation agenda for the period up to 2050. The agenda describes the way forward for Swedish aerospace technology innovation – how Sweden can create an international position in the field through technology superiority. Agendan describes goals, concrete activities to achieve these and prioritised technology areas.

The document summarises the actions that the country’s various key players – industry, institutes and academy – consider necessary for a long-term strong national aerospace industry based on participation as leading partners and/or subcontractors in all major future international civil aerospace programmes and future European military aerospace programmes.

This concept turns out to become a national trendsetter for branch-gathering innovation strategy work, and in the field of aeronautics, it will be followed by updates every three years.

Recommendations in short

  • National total overview of the aerospace area: Swedish stakeholders must agree upon a national overall view of the aerospace area, including the Defence Force’s needs.
  • Developed administrative authority: Sweden needs an immediately identified responsibility for industrial aerospace research, both civilian and dual-use.
  • Roadmap 2040: Aerospace research needs to be defined by requirements, and therefore needs a concrete and comprehensive roadmap 2040 with coordination of military and civilian activities.
  • Dual use and triple use: Swedish aerospace research needs to be focused on so-called dual use, which means that research and demonstration focusses on providing both civilian and military services with according coordination benefits.
  • Demonstrator programmes: Sweden needs to take part in international civil and military demonstration programmes at full-scale level.
  • Development of funding models: The state needs to influence market conditions so that an open market without political barriers for trading with the surrounding world can be created.
  • Focussed efforts on four research programmes: NRA Flyg 2010 supports focussed efforts on the following research programs: NFFP 6 (at lower TRL); a software package called Green and Sustainable Demos; a national triple-use research program; a program (at TRL 4–6) for participation in international military demonstrators in the EU and in transatlantic cooperation.
  • Further development of research centres: Academy and institutes need to further develop a stable base of research centres with specific focus in prioritisedy research areas.
  • Access to competent human resources: In order to maintain and improve the Swedish aerospace position, we need to ensure high levels of competence in the future – we need a large growth of people with useful education.

Read more in the agenda here (Swedish PDF).

Download a supplementary document presenting suggestions on programmes for research and demonstration here (Swedish PDF).

An aggregated list of NRIA Flyg objectives, governing the work of Innovair, can be found here.