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ICAS VON KARMAN AWARD till demonstratorprojekt nEUROn

Inlägg av 17 september, 2014december 11th, 2015Saab Aeronautics

Vid ICAS-kongressen i St Petersburg 7-12 september 2014 utdelades ICAS von Karman Award for International Cooperation in Aeronautics till det Europeiska demonstratorprojektet nEUROn, där Sverige deltar genom Saab.
Projektet presenterades på ICAS 2014 i en General Lecture: ICAS 2014 General Lecture_nEUROn

Citation: The nEUROn is the first large size stealth platform designed in Europe which will perform demonstration flights to validate the insertion in test range airspace, air-to-ground mission, detection, localization and autonomous reconnaissance of ground targets and air-to-surface weapon release from an internal bay. (läs mera om nEUROn under rubriken Demonstratorer)

ICAS von Karman Award: Its purpose is to acknowledge exceptional achievement in international cooperation in the field of aeronautics, being awarded to a project or programme in which two or more countries are major participants and which is characterized by substantial technical achievement, scientific or technological advance or benefit to society.

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