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Brazilian-Swedish Workshop 8 on Aeronautics 10 October 2019

Inlägg av 26 augusti, 2019oktober 27th, 2019Innovair, Saab Aeronautics, Arenor/SMF, Vinnova, Övrigt

Innovair is responsible for organizing the 8th workshop in Aeronautics between Sweden and Brazil and we invite you to participate in the event taking place in Stockholm on October 10th at the IVA Conference Center (IVA link)

The workshop series explores the collaboration between Sweden and Brazil in the field of Aeronautics. It is now the 8th time the workshop gathers experts, researchers, industry and governmental stakeholders from both countries to further enhance the ongoing bilateral cooperation.

The workshop was recorded and can be watched on this WS 8 webcast link.

Program and registration via this link SE-BRA Workshop 8

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