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New project: Technical roadmap towards fossil-free aviation

Saab together with Swedish aviation industry partners and universities, will lead a project aiming to establish a technical roadmap towards fossil-free aviation. The project is supported by the Swedish Energy Agency and focuses primarily on the Swedish and Nordic market.

The project is a collaboration between leading Swedish aviation companies and universities. Saab and GKN Aerospace are participating from the industry side while Linköping University and Chalmers University of Technology represent academia. The research network Swedish Aerospace Research Center (SARC) is supporting the work as well as the distribution of the results. Transparency is a key value within the project and the reports, data and publications will be made public and accessible for the research community. The project will also work with representatives from Innovair, Svenskt Flyg (Swedish Aviation) and Aerospace Cluster Sweden.

Read more in this Press release from Saab.

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