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Preliminary Programme FT 2016 now available

Preliminary Programme AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGY 2016 now available and can be downloaded.
See also invitation letter below.


The Swedish Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics (FTF) in cooperation with the Strategic Innovation Programme Aeronautics (Innovair) welcome you to the Swedish Aerospace Technology Congress at Quality Hotel Friends, Solna – Stockholm, 11-12 October 2016.

The Congress, which is the ninth triennial congress arranged by FTF, has become well established as the forum for Swedish aerospace technology. The aim is to promote research as well as technical and industrial development in the aerospace sector and also to create stimuli for higher education in aerospace.

A large number of abstracts of a very high standard have been submitted to the Congress, and the scope accommodates 13 parallel sessions with some 170 presentations.

The Congress is open to persons who are active in aerospace and highlights engineering development, industrial restructuring, relevant applications, and user benefits. We expect some 400 delegates participating at the Congress.

The Congress will begin and end with plenary presentations by invited speakers. Major General Robert D. McMurry Jr. US Air Force, Magnus Liljegren, Air Force Chief of Staff, FMV, Ulf Nilsson, CEO, Saab Aeronautics and Henrik Runnemalm, Technical Director, GKN Aerospace are just a few of the invited speakers. A full list of the plenary speakers can be found in the attached preliminary program.

Enterprises, companies, and research establishments are also invited to expose their products in the exhibition area at the venue.

We are honoured to welcome the Brazilian Ambassador Marcos Pinta Gama, who together with FTF Chair, Dr. Roland Karlsson will open the Congress.

Again, a warm welcome to Solna – Stockholm and the AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGY CONGRESS 2016.

Dr. Roland Karlsson, Chairman FTF and Dr. Anders Blom, Program Director Innovair

Swedish aerospace technology in a globalised world
11-12 October 2016, Solna, Stockholm

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