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From SARC Kickoff and Inauguration 18-19 juni

The kick-off event for SARC – The Swedish Aeronautical Research Center– took place in Linköping on June 18-19, 2018 with 110 participants. Carl Rosén, Director General at the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, conducted the inauguration ceremony. The full program for the event can be downloaded here: sarc_kickoff_program_final

SARC is an Innovair initiative
 and Anders Blom, Program Director for Innovair, outlined the vision for setting up the SARC center. The content and organisation structure for SARC and the SARC PhD Academy – National Graduate School for Aeronautics – were presented by the center directors Professors Dan Henningson, KTH; Petter Krus, LiU and Tomas Grönstedt, Chalmers.

These presentations can be downloaded below.
1. SARC_kickoff_day1_Innovairs_SARC_vision_Anders-Blom
2. SARC_kickoff_day1_SARCpresentation_Dan-Henningson
3. SARC_kickoff_day2_SARCacademy_Petter-Krus

For all other presentations and pictures from the event visit the SARC website:

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