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Innovair arranged a seminar at Sweden Innovation Days in Dubai 17-20 January 2022 with the title:
“How we manage to keep our national aerospace sector up there with the big ones”.
Innovair, Sweden’s national strategic innovation programme for aeronautics, is a collaborative and strategic organisation developing, initiating, and fulfilling strategic initiatives in selected areas to strengthen the conditions for the aeronautics sector in Sweden. A range of stakeholders gave their views on how they are able to do what they do with coordination and support from Innovair.
The presenters were:
Anders Blom, Innovair
Petter Krus, SARC
Sofia Öhnell, RISE
Fredrik Olofsson, ACS
Robert Hell, GKN
Göran Bengtsson, Saab

The integrated presentations can be downloaded here: Innovair – Sweden Innovation Days 2022

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